Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Morehead's Musings: IBMR explores "Witchcraft and Mission Studies"

Morehead's Musings: IBMR explores "Witchcraft and Mission Studies":

The January 2015 issue of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research explores the topic of "Witchcraft and Mission Studies."Essays exploring this topic include:

  • "Putting Witch Accusations on the Missiological Agenda: A Case from Northern Peru by Robert J. Priest 
  • "Beyond the Fence: Confronting Witchcraft Accusations in the Papua New Guinea Highlands" by Philip Gibbs 
  • "Healing Communities: Contextualizing Responses to Witch Accusations" by Steven D. H. Rasmussen, with Hannah Rasmussen 
  • "Toward a Christian Response to Witchcraft in Northern Ghana"by Jon P. Kirby
  • "Witchcraft Accusations and Christianity in Africa" by J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

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