Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Western Confucian: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

The Western Confucian: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: "# Sandro Magister on an unenviable position — Christians in the Middle East. Crushed between Islam and Israel.

# 'Somebody eventually had to say it -- and German chancellor Angela Merkel deserves credit for being the one who had the courage to say it out loud,' says Thomas Sowell; 'Multiculturalism has 'utterly failed'' — The Multicultural Cult."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How the New Atheists are abusing the truth | spiked

How the New Atheists are abusing the truth | spiked: "Apparently the British state is about to roll out the red carpet for a seriously evil rape facilitator. Pope Benedict XVI is the boss of a church that acts as a ‘patron, protector and financier of child rape’, says one secularist writer. Last week the UK Independent reported that in America, ‘over 10,000 people have come forward to say they were raped as part of this misery-go-round’ overseen by His Holiness and His Lackeys. In Ireland alone, a tiny country of 4.5million people, ‘Thousands were raped in reform schools’, said a British broadsheet headline last year, ramming home the ugly truth of how many kids have been raped by the Catholic Church’s army of paedophile priests.

But how true is this ugly truth? Were 10,000 children in America and thousands more in Ireland really raped by Catholic priests? In a word, no."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie by Nebojsa Malic --

Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie by Nebojsa Malic -- "And as the forensic evidence mentioned indicates, a number of them were captured, bound, and shot. This was clearly a war crime, and should be prosecuted as such. But to call it genocide requires stretching the definition of the act beyond recognition."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ivan Illich, "Brave New Biocracy: Health Care from Womb to Tomb"

Ivan Illich, "Brave New Biocracy: Health Care from Womb to Tomb": "DNA maps and genetic cleansing; embryo cloning and euthanasia; organ transplants and physician-assisted suicide--never before have the traditional boundaries of life and death become so blurred. Never before has science intruded so pervasively into the sanctuary of the person. Where once only angels would tread, the medical establishment now treats. Are we closer to the secret of life, or just farther from God and nearer to the dust?"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ed Stetzer - Monday is for Missiology: Meanings of Missional

Ed Stetzer - Monday is for Missiology: Meanings of Missional: "One of the questions in Orlando that night had to do with the meaning of the word 'missional.' The question reminded me of my need to finish my series on the subject, particularly since I am about to start a new series on the issue of contextualization in mission for my 'Monday is for Missiology' columns."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to set the windows path in Windows 7

How to set the windows path in Windows 7: "Modifying the path statement will enable an MS-DOS window opened in Microsoft Windows as well as older programs to locate files that may be required to run the program."

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door: "The three main characterizations are a little thin. The story starts with Betty waiting for her brother Robin to return home from boarding school, and since her cousin Lucy is also due to arrive the same day, Betty is excited at finally having someone to play with! In the usual Blyton fashion, ages are quickly established, in this case with Betty thinking to herself, 'Robin's eleven, Lucy is ten, and I am nine.' Both Betty and Lucy are almost like hangers-on, not integral to the plot in any way. Robin starts out being a bit of a snot, by shunning Betty's enthusiasm to see him and announcing that 'it will be dull with only two girls to play with.' Robin warms to Lucy when he sees she's brought her dog Sandy (after all, a Blyton book wouldn't be complete without a pet of some kind—although the Secret series managed quite well without any regular pets at all)."

The Treasure Hunters

The Treasure Hunters: "When Jeffery, Susan and John are told that their mother and father are going away for a few weeks, because their mother is feeling under the weather and needs some 'strong sea-air,' the children find themselves shipped off to Granny and Granpa's. But it's all good news. Jeffery, the eldest of the three children, remembers the old house well—he says it's the sort of place all kinds of things have happened, and 'anything might still happen.' Susan has been there too, but hardly remembers it, while John, the youngest, has never been there at all. And so, with very little fuss, the children are packed up and ready to go."

The Treasure Hunters by Enid Blyton

The Treasure Hunters by Enid Blyton: "The story begins with news that Jeffrey, Susan and John are going to stay at their Granny's and Grandpa's home, Greylings Manor, as their parents were going away to the sea-side, so that Mummy could get some 'strong sea air', recommended by the doctor."

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blogger in Draft: The Blogger Template Designer

Blogger in Draft: The Blogger Template Designer: "Go to to log in to Blogger in Draft. (If you’ve never been there before, Blogger in Draft is just like regular Blogger, except with new, in-development features like this one.) Click on your blog’s “Layout” link to go to the Layout tab. The link to the Template Designer is at the end of the row of sub-tabs."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Aunt: Enter Three Witches...

Book Aunt: Enter Three Witches...: "Who are the best—or rather worst—witches of all time in children's literature? Obviously, we have to turn to fairy tales to get started."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are There Secular Reasons? - Opinionator Blog -

Are There Secular Reasons? - Opinionator Blog - ". . . the secular vocabulary within which public discourse is constrained today is insufficient to convey our full set of normative convictions and commitments. We manage to debate normative matters anyway — but only by smuggling in notions that are formally inadmissible, and hence that cannot be openly acknowledged or adverted to."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What’s the buzz | bidorbuy blog

What’s the buzz | bidorbuy blog: "Here are a few helpful hints for those who get overwhelmed by Buzz:

* Stay away from fellow-Buzzers who are popular and likely to have a large following.
* If a particular thread gets too chatty and annoying, silence it: choose Mute from More Actions menu in Gmail. To mute a post from within Buzz, choose Mute this post from Comment drop-down menu.
* To kill Buzz altogether, go to the bottom of your Gmail account and look for turn off buzz link. Click it to opt out of Buzz updates and hide the Buzz link permanently."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Julia Duin: My book is finally out!

Julia Duin: My book is finally out!: "'Days of Fire and Glory: The Rise and Fall of a Charismatic Community' is about one of the most gifted leaders of the charismatic movement and the newspaper reporter who unwittingly unearthed his secret.

Millions of evangelical Christians who lived through the Jesus movement and the charismatic renewal of the 1970s and 1980s wish to process what happened them in the early days of their faith. Some even moved into Christian community households to replicate the pattern of the early church in Acts 2."