Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mike in Nantes: Some thoughts on my year in africa

Mike in Nantes: Some thoughts on my year in africa: "I set off in search of a phenomenon. I wanted to witness, observe, explore and participate in the living theology in “African” Christianity. Grasping at the literature available, I assembled my categories from the surface level aspects of liturgy to the seemingly burgeoning African Christology, which promises a more fundamental shift in Christianity. What began to happen over the year, however, is that the parts became a whole. Piece by piece, I began to understand the limits of my own categories, as inculturation, the subject of my research led me to medicine, education, justice, dialogue and prayer. These were not simply pieces of the puzzle, to be “Africanized”; they were intermeshed interdependent aspects of an experience that is betwixt and between identities. Moreover, as the year progressed, I found this same seamless fabric working in my life, often more in my failures than my successes, as the gap of objectivity that I placed between myself and my work instigated my own brokenness; a sign I took to be of a failure to integrate the parts into whole in my own life."

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bill Clinton and George Bush

I don't agree with this guy's politics,. but he seems to have Bush and Clinton pegged.

Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture | Your Home for Traditional Conservatism � The Way We Are Now—Facts That Just Won’t Sink In: "What is the difference between President Clinton and President Bush? Clinton was a liar and incapable of shame. Bush is a liar, incapable of shame, and dangerously ignorant, incompetent, and irresponsible.

What is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney? Mitt has better hair.

The media, the punditry, and a large part of the public seem unable to perceive bad character and incompetence in our leaders. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter any more."

Andrew Olmsted

Major Andrew Olmsted blogged from Iraq. This is his final, posthumous, post.

Kenyan Pundit

A good blog for keeping up with the crisis in Kenya

Kenyan Pundit: "-Speaking of documenting truth, it also occurs to me that we have no reliable figures of the real death tolls on the ground. Perhaps we can begin to collect information from organizations and individuals on the ground e.g. red cross, hospitals, etc. and start to build a tally online, preferably with names. Most of the people losing their lives will remain nameless, and it might be worthwhile to at least change that. Any volunteers/ideas?"